We work with clients to:

  • Create a personalized Crisis Management Plan as an anticipatory step;
  • Design a communication strategy to manage print, online and social media concerns;
  • Implement prearranged plans at the time of crisis;
  • Rebuild the brand and manage media, employment, organizational and sponsorship consequences.

With strong, decisive lawyers and communications professionals on your side, you can be sure that we understand your needs and the legal and non-legal issues associated with the crisis, as well as your potential exposure to any direct and ancillary liabilities.

Let’s talk about ways in which we can proactively keep your reputation and business out of the headlines through prudent, proactive steps.


To effectively deal with any crisis, one has to start with the right mental approach. The hallmark of such an approach is steeped in:

  • Prevention
  • Anticipation

Our legal crisis-communications team understands the appropriate limitations regarding what can and cannot be “said” or otherwise publicly disclosed. They are also experienced in how to deal with media in crisis and non-crisis conditions. In a crisis, it is essential that you work with attorneys that have the ability to respond quickly, confidently, concisely and credibly to media inquiries. This is something that our team at Lucentem can unequivocally provide.

We understand that countless hours, intense pressure and sacrifice are involved in achieving success. That’s why we leave no room for error in protecting those assets with a proactive approach that works in your time of need.


Criminal proceedings are devastating for anyone, but particularly for those in the public eye, whose reputations can be irrevocably damaged by allegations alone.

Our multi-pronged approach includes unparalleled criminal defense in conjunction with crisis management. When a Lucentem client is involved in a criminal investigation, we respond immediately to protect their rights. Our experience has resulted in an innate ability to prioritize and defuse time-sensitive issues while maintaining the long-term priorities of reputation and profitability.

We handle all criminal charges, including:

  • White-collar crimes
  • Institutional investigations
  • Internet crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug charges

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