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Resources for Organizations:

As a sporting organization, it is important that you are aware of your policies, procedures and bylaws and ensure that they are in accordance with any national governing bodies. At Lucentem, we can help you to maintain these policies allowing you to confidently deal with any administration matter that may arise.

Examples of Scenarios

Code of Conduct for athletes, coaches, and parents:

  • Failure to have a Code of Conduct in place
  • Failure to effectively communicate the Code of Conduct
  • Failure to enforce the Code of Conduct

Policies and Regulations:

  • Failure to have and communicate policies with regard to, for example, actions that will cause an athlete to lose his or her place on the team
  • Inconsistent application of policies and regulations with regard to player releases, etc.
  • Regulations or by-laws not in compliance with those of the relevant parent organizations at the regional, provincial, and national levels

Organizational Documentation:

  • Failure to maintain a verifiable membership list
  • Incorrect or lacking documents of incorporation and/or non-profit status
  • Failure to accurately record and document financial transactions

Dispute Resolution:

  • Undetailed or brief dispute resolution policies, or lack of any whatsoever
  • Guidelines for resolutions lacking information such as deadlines to file an appeal
  • Failure to outline if the dispute will be resolved after documents have been submitted, or whether an oral hearing is necessary


Working with Layth and his team at Lucentem Sports & Entertainment Law has been an exceptional experience. As my organization has been steadily growing I needed a legal professional to restructure and improve my company by-laws, code of ethics and the regulatory framework for my Track and Field club. Layth and his team were the right people to do it! They were professional, client-focused and provided the reassurance that I needed when I wasn’t always sure about the path to take. Layth has a calming demeanor and a cool confidence that always eased my mind of worry because I knew that Layth and his superb team had me and my club’s interest at heart. They promised they would handle everything, and they did. Absolutely an awesome team over there at Lucentem Sports & Entertainment Law.

-Andrea Knight – President and Co-Founder, Brampton Racers Track and Field

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