About Us

At Lucentem Sports & Entertainment, we champion your need to direct your energy and talent towards your business or craft. The core of our business is to facilitate this by providing you with counsel, clarity and advocacy in a clear and concise manner that allows you to control your most challenging business decisions, whether athletic, artistic or commercial in an effective and efficient way. It is our job to understand your goals and objectives, and to ensure that your endeavors are properly managed, compensated and protected.

We offer many services to elite athletes, artists, corporations, sporting organizations and coaches, including courtroom and tribunal advocacy, contract negotiations and media training. We also specialize in crisis management which allows us to respond to your most urgent issues at any time. Our expertise has been demonstrated in the fact that our clients choose Lucentem because we understand emerging legal issues; we value privacy and we practice prudence on our client’s behalf.


In working with Lucentem, you will find a personal approach that is solely focused on you, our clients. We work at an elite level while maintaining a commitment to your individual needs.

Our Strengths

At Lucentem, we specialize in sports and entertainment law that puts our clients’ needs and goals first. Here, you will find a team that has the expertise to understand what you need and the devotion to ensure your success.

We understand the needs, demands and priorities of performing at an elite level. We understand the devotion you have to your work and the discipline necessary to execute it.

We are confident in our ability to provide counsel that reflects your needs and protects your interests.

We are well-versed in issues that may arise for sporting organizations and are well-equipped to assist organizations in such matters as governance, administration, advocacy and appeals.

We consistently use our proven expertise, extensive knowledge and strong partnerships in their fields to translate this devotion and discipline into effective advocacy for you and your business dealings.

We provide intellectual rigour, creativity, and discernment to your legal challenges.

Where We’ve Been

Based in Toronto, Lucentem has an international presence and cross-border focus. You will find us at prominent events related to the sports, music and film industries around the world.

How Can We Help?

Please give us a call or send us a message to arrange your consultation.

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