Canada’s Anti-Harassment Helpline for Athletes 

Layth Gafoor details the impact that a new hotline and investigation unit will have for athletes dealing with harassment in sports in Canada

NHL Concussion Settlement 

Layth Gafoor discusses the concussion lawsuit brought against the NHL by former players and the advantages and disadvantages to the settlement offered by the league.

NFL Concussion Settlement

Layth Gafoor discusses the lawsuit brought against the NFL with regard to injuries sustained to players and the subsequent settlement.

Hockey Heads to Court 

Layth Gafoor discusses the lawsuit levied against the NHL in which players allege the league did not do enough to ensure player safety.

Addressing Harvey Weinstein Allegations 

Layth Gafoor breaks down the allegations made against Harvey Wienstein and what the repercussions might be for the movie mogul.

Commenting on Changes to FIFA Governance

Layth Gafoor discusses recent changes to FIFA governance amid corruption arrests and what it means for the organization

IOC Doping Ruling Against Russians 

Layth Gafoor discusses the IOC ruling against Russian athletes amid doping allegations