Using their own personal knowledge of success as well as their experience in the corporate sector, our team is able to offer you assistance in the following areas:



At Lucentem, we are here to assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate legal entity through which to operate their business, including corporations: profit and non-profit, partnerships, limited liability companies and limited partnerships.

Business Planning Strategy

Our team will work with you to develop business plans and private placement, offering documents that are relevant to your specific needs. We will assist in exploring funding possibilities and guide our clients through the fundraising process for upcoming music, film and television projects.


We provide our clients with advice and guidance with regard to copyright and trademark issues that arise in connection with the creation, development and management of their intellectual property and business activities.

We can help corporations, media companies, celebrities and others extend and protect their brands through licensing, sponsorship and endorsements of events, products, and services.



We provide business consulting services for our sports and entertainment clients in order to assist them in developing new business opportunities and identify areas of growth. We commonly advise on strategy, market identification, networking opportunities, potential endorsement opportunities, securing distribution and finding funding.


We can propose strategies and prepare contracts and agreements that our clients understand and accept with confidence. Our goal is to protect your interests, and we will provide you with an honest approach to help you navigate your path to success.


We work to make sure that arts, entertainment and sports contracts are clear and complete documents that anticipate and settle potential problems.

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